5 Hair Styling Trends for 2022

5 Hair Styling Trends for 2022

In 2022, an increased vaccinated population is likely to step out of their doors and grace parties and social gatherings. Naturally, therefore, salons will seemingly receive more clients this year than the last two years. Nothing can make you look and feel good as a hairdo, complete with the style color you have been waiting to wear for a long time.

Predictably, people are more likely to step out in short hair than long extended hair since we are just coming out of the pandemic. Everyone probably wants to be in their healthiest self, including their hair. Therefore, you should check on hairstyle trends before trying out something new. If you’re going to be more noticeable, then rock a hairstyle trend that is just emerging so that you can be ahead of the curve. This year hairstyles are likely to take a natural and low-key look. This means straight styles, ponytails and bobs may be returning to trend. 

Let us look at a few hair styling elements that are essential before we dive into emerging hairstyling trends for this year.

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Hair coloring

Hair coloring is an excellent service a hairstylist can provide for any client. You can choose to offer different clientele service types like;

  • Grey blending. This helps maintain a greyer natural look.
  • Specialty coloring includes block coloring, color melting ombre, and the dimension of Color.
  • Permanent coloring. Go lighter or darker or allow grey coverage.
  • Semi-permanent coloring. The Color is removed after many washings.


There are hairstyles that you can easily maintain. A few examples are bangs and bobs that clients request frequently. To serve a diverse market, you should focus on low-maintenance clients and kids. Low maintenance and widely demanded haircuts include adult, kid, and wet cuts. They may also be shampoo, styling, cut, and beard teaming.


With the constant growth of this market, hair extensions will always be in high demand. Clip-in, wigs, tape-ins, and sew-ins are popular trends in the hairstyling industry since they allow a lot of versatility which clients like.

Conditioning treatment

Conditioning treatment is ideal for anyone. Hot styling tools and hair products cause brittle hair, resulting in split ends and breakages. Use cold water and avoid towels when drying out your hair after wash.

Perms and relaxers

Permanents and relaxing are style services salons anticipated to offer whether your customer has straight or curly hair. There is a wide range of specialty services you may choose to offer. There are also many supplies you need regardless of the services you offer. The comfort of your customer should be a top priority. Your customers are going to spend a lot of time in your salon. You want them to be comfortable, so choosing a salon chair that is attractive and functional is essential.


Hairstyling is the most versatile service and procedure that a customer can request. These styles depend on a client’s preference and inspiration.

Here are the five most likely hairstyles to trend in 2022

Mid-length bob hair cut.

This haircut is undoubtfully going nowhere. For those ready to try something new with their hair. Back in the 1970s, this look will give you the most contemporary edge and nonchalant look. A shortened bob at the front and side is great for thick hair and will make your cheekbones look great.


Braids have been popular in African culture. Detailed cornrows will be popular this year and knotless box braids. People who have never considered braids want to experiment with low-maintenance trendy, and stylish hair. Easy and carefree style is perfect for both date nights and work. There are a variety of colors and lengths to choose from.

Glossy blow-dries

The classic 90s look is back on-trend. People have proffered hairstyles that appear artfully done, effortless, and easy to maintain, but the return of old-school blow-dry is here, and we can all see it: this look is considered very polished and luxe. A hair tool is easy to makes this look easy at home. It will make your hair smooth and voluminous, adding body and movement. It definitely will work best on long hair.

Curl ready hairstyles

This is a good sign since it brings change towards embracing our natural texture and bringing out the best of our curls. The rock and roll look dated back in the 70s is currently backed on-trend. This definitely will start a massive chop to start fresh if you have been using hair relaxers, as it will soon be a case of making the most out of your natural hair.

Neon hair

We are going bold in 2022 without any fear. Look, add a lot of fun to the classic ombre � and balayage. An additional pop of neon color, such as pink, yellow, green, and rainbow, will make your hair bold.

Middle parts

We are expecting to see more hair parts and undo this year. This look has become a model favorite, and people are getting the hang of this sleek look. There is something a little more casual and relaxed about this look.

Understanding different types of personalities take energy and time. Knowing the best services to provide to your client will need you to have deep knowledge of them; this means their values and preferences. Start with basic services to experiment with and bring out the best result for each client.

Do not be in a rush; take it step-by-step, make notes, and get feedback from your clients.


There isn’t an exact number of services that a salon can offer. As a hairstylist, you should provide a full range of services to cater to as many people as possible with a wide variety of tastes. This is more likely to add value to your services and broaden your clientele. First, understand your client’s personalities before preparing them for any services. Then, make sure your appointments are fully booked to keep diligent attention. Meanwhile, stick to the emerging hairstyling trends above, and you will be head of the competition.

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